Nicholas Bullough


30 Oxford st, Woollahra,

Sydney.  NSW 2025

+61 421 653 767               

NEW Trading hours FOR 2019 :- Mon - Sat : 10.00 - 5.00 ; Sun : 11.00 - 4.00   CLOSED ON TUESDAYS


With my lease up at the end of april, between now and then, i shall be attempting to clear what stock that remains  – this means, everything  will be ‘priced to  clear’, although i shall not be  actually altering web-site prices. All prices will drop – generally split  into 3 categories:- silver jewellery / gold jewellery / coins & artefacts.  i would also like to sell  most  of the furnishings  + cabinets / display units etc). i expect too, that i shall be open to negotiation as the final weeks approach :)

* All silver jewellery will be reduced by approximately 50%
* All gold jewellery  will be 30-50% reduced
* Coins, artefacts  and fossils etc will generally be 30-50% reduced with a few  exceptions (+ & -)
*Furnishings / cabinets / display units are open to discussion etc, will generally be very cheap :) but won’t be available for pick-up until the end of April. A number of them i am happy to give away, so let me know if any interest etc.

* I also have a small quantity of loose stock and components etc  that are available - again, some will be at cost or less and some  i am happy to give to a good home.

During this closing-down sale, I shall not be able to hold goods or accept lay-by's except for very specific reasons - apologies.

My web-site, Instagram & Etsy will continue as normal, for the time being.

Please note:-  i  cannot at this time give out further information as to future plans ( as i don't have any :)  but watch this space for updates etc.

Please note also –  Verne jewels will  be closed on Tuesdays as of  1/1/19

Please not too -  for various reasons i have put back the final closing date from

the end of April to the end of MARCH.  Please make sure all repairs, lay-bys etc

are cleared by this date. Thanks.

...additional notes:- as i have run down my stock and equipment, it is no longer possible to do any but the simplest of repairs. However, for all non-stringing work and repairs, i have given the name and number of my silver-smith below.

Zuzy Noy: 029 130 6444.  He is based in north Bondi.

Verne Jewels