R78)… Kings of Macedon – Alexander the Great Ar Tetradrachm, Susa mint – Persia, under Alexander’s appointed satrap Koinos, 324-323 bc. Head of Alexander as Herakles / Zeus enthroned with eagle & staff, name at right + monogram at left & beneath throne… 24mm / 16.69gms / 9h.   ref - Price 3829…sold

Little is known about Koinos except Alexander appointed him as satrap of Susa and surrounding areas in 325 bc. According to Arrian’s History of Successors :-  'the marshals of the empire merely confirmed as satrap an otherwise obscure Koinos ’.

J86)… Geta, as Caesar, 198 – 209 ad, Æ16 bronze  of Marcianopolis, Moesia Inferior.  Π CЄΠT Γ[ЄTAC K], bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust right / MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Thanatos – death -  extinguishing the  torch of life. Almost Extremely Fine and  Very Rare. 16mm /2.17gm…Ref: Varbanov 1110; CNG 88, 694…only one other example on CoinArchives....beautiful green patina...

O75)… Attica. Athens. Silver tetradrachm ‘ new style’ 152-151 bc. Head of Athena wearing Attic helmet adorned with a griffin / Owl on amphora, AOE  beside head; XM monogram in left field, AFN monogram in right field above 2 serpents + E  on amphora…16.75gms / 33 mm… Very Fine.

Coin is set in a stg silver bezel pendant...sold


X86... Roman Republic, Q.Thermius. M.F. silver denarius,103 bc,  Rome.
Helmeted head of Mars left /  Q Therm M.F + 2 warriors fighting + the one
on the left protects a fallen comrade; the other wears horned helmet. 18mm Very Fine / Almost Extremely Fine…ref:-Crawford 319/1... $975

P82)… Aeolis, Elaia, c. 450-400 BC. AR Diobol (9mm, 1.28g, 6h). Helmeted head of Athena  /  Laurel wreath within incuse square. SNG Copenhagen 166.  Very Fine... set in a rose-gold bezel...sold

Z83)… Calabria, Tarentum AR Nomos. 325-281 bc. Sa..., magistrate. Warrior, preparing to cast spear held in right hand, holding two spears and shield in left, on horse rearing right; ΣA below / Taras/Phalantos*, holding kantharos in extended right hand, cradling trident in left arm, astride dolphin left; ΩΣ to left, TAPAΣ downwards to right and below, small dolphin left. 7.62gms, 22mm, 3h. ref:- Vlasto 613; HN Italy 937.  Very Fine... sold


B86)… Mysia, Pergamon. Ar silver diobol, 310 – 284 bc. Head of Herakles; Athena Palladium standing with shield and spear…10mm...Very Fine...$280

M86)… Roman Republic. P. Clodius M. f. Turrinus AR silver Denarius. Rome, 42 bc. Laureate head of Apollo right; lyre behind / Diana standing with bow and quiver over shoulder, holding lighted torch in each hand  (Diana Lucifera ) P.CLODIVS  right +  M. F. left…  4.13g, 17mm… Near Extremely Fine…ref:  Crawford 494/23; RSC Clodia 15.... $785

P77)…Roman empire. Caracalla. 198-217 ad. Silver denarius. Rome mint, struck in 196 ad…Rex / Felicitas…16mm…set in a stg silver swivel ring... $300
Note:- this coin was struck in 196 ad, just after his father had made him a ‘junior’  Caesar. He was 8 years old at the time. He was raised to Augustus Caesar in 198 ad.

K86)… Roman Republic. C. Hosidius C. f. Geta. Silver  Denarius. Rome, 68 bc. Draped bust of Diana right, wearing stephane, earring and necklace with bow and quiver over shoulder; III VIR downwards to left, GETA downwards to right   /  The Calydonian boar  pierced through by a spear and harried by a hound below... 3.79g, 16mm…Almost  Extremely Fine …$750
Ref: Crawford 407/2; RSC Hosidia 1


O80r - A pair of Roman empire bronze coins depicting the emperors Valens - 364-378 ad   &   Arcadius - 395-408 ad, set in stg silver...sold

N86)… Roman Republic. P. Clodius M. f. Turrinus AR silver Denarius. Rome, 42 bc. Laureate head of Apollo right; lyre behind / Diana standing with bow and quiver over shoulder, holding lighted torch in each hand  (Diana Lucifera ) P.CLODIVS  right +  M. F. left…  4.16g, 20mm… Very Fine…ref:  Crawford 494/23; RSC Clodia 15... sold


   F64 - Roman empire. Caracalla. 196-217 ad. silver denarius. Rome mint, struck in 200ad (at the age of  twelve)... Rex / Sol (the sun god)... (17mm)... $330
 sterling silver ring and rose gold bezel... a very clean portrait. Very Fine condition

G86c... Kings of Macedon - Alexander the Great, 336 - 323 bc, silver drachm. Lampsakos mint. Head of Alexander as Herakles / Zeus enthroned, holding eagle and staff, name at right and monogram at left...Very Fine...sold

G86a... Alexander the great, 336 - 323 bc, silver drachm, Lampsakos mint. Head of Alexander as Herakles / Zeus enthroned, holding eagle and staff, name at right, mint-mark at left...Very Fine...sold

P85)… Corinthia. Corinth 375-300 BC.  Ar silver Stater   Helmeted head of Athena left; behind, Nike flying left, holding fillet / Pegasus flying left. Very Fine...  20mm / 7.77g. ref - Pegasi 420... sold

C87...  Kings of Macedon. Alexander the Great. 336 – 323 bc. Silver drachm. Sardis mint. Head of Alexander as Herakles / Zeus enthroned + name at right

& monograms at left + under throne.16mm. Very Fine... sold

I78e)... Caria. Rhodes. Ar didrachm. 305 - 275 bc. Head of the Titan sun-god Helios / Rose + rose-bud, RODION above, monogram at left. Good / Very Fine 6.47gms / 18 mm...$650


Verne Jewels

R79)…Caria. Rhodes. Ar Didrachm. 275 – 250 bc. Aristobios, magistate.
Helios / Rose + rose-bud, APIΣTOBI[OΣ] above, wreath to left, P O below.
19mm / 6.58gms / 1 hr…Very Fine…Ashton 191… sold


KL79)... Roman Empire. The brothers Caracalla  197 - 217 ad  and  Geta 198 - 211 ad. Silver denarii, Rome mint, both  struck in 198 ad. The obverse depicts the boy emperors - Caracalla was 10 and Geta was 9 years old. The reverses show  (somewhat obscured by the bar etc)  Mars advancing holding spear and trophy and Felix Tempor (Happy Times) as Geta is made junior emperor along with his brother. (Caracalla would kill Geta only months after their father dies in dec 211 ad, in order to be sole emperor).

The coins are 17mm in diameter and have a lovely old patina to them...sold

X75)… Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm. Circa 454-404 BC. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet ornamented with three olive leaves above visor and spiral palmette on bowl, wearing round earring with central boss and pearl necklace / ΑΘΕ, owl standing right with head facing; to left, crescent and olive sprig; all within incuse square. 17.05g. Good / Very Fine.

Coin is set in a stg silver bezel pendant...sold

F77/Q78… Kings of England. Edward I, 1272 – 1307 ad…hammered silver

pennies -  Rex / Long cross…17.5 mm…Canterbury mint…$280

 Edward, also known as Longshanks ( 1.88m tall ) & Hammer of the Scots

Q81/D81....Roman Empire. Septimius Severus. 193 – 211 ad. Silver denarius, Rome mint. Struck 201 ad. Rex / Restitutor Urbis – Rex sacrificing.Very Fine.19mm  + his son Caracalla. 196-217 ad…silver denarius. Rome mint, struck  206 ad (Ric 150). Rex / rex sacrificing over altar + VOTA SUSCEPTA( undertaking new vows)...sold

R73)… Roman empire. Vespasian. 69 – 79 ad. Silver denarius. Rome mint, struck 77/8 ad. Rex / Oxen + COS VIII  (RIC943)…17mm

Coin is set in a stg silver swivel ring...sold

T78)… Roman Republic. M.Volteius M.f. silver denarius Rome mint. Struck in 75 bc. Laureate, helmeted & draped  bust of Attis (consort of Cybele) with cap of the dioscuri at left / Cybele driving a biga pulled by lions LZ (L,Z)  moneyer’s name below…18mm / 3.82gms / 10h. ref:- Crawford 385/4… Very Fine  and Rare… set in a stg silver swivel ring... $850

The story of the Phrygian great mother goddess Cybele and her mortal lover Attis  is both a  tragic love story as well as one of self-mutilation but more importantly, of  regeneration...it is also worth reading :) ..This coin  was to celebrate Megalenses Ludi, a festival that occurred between 4th – 10th April in Rome,  the anniversary of Cybele's arrival in Rome.

I78b)... Caria. Rhodes. Ar didrachm. 275 -  bc. Head  of the Titan sun-god Helios / Rose + rose-bud, ARISTONOMOS - above, ship’s prow in left field, above, monogram at left. VF ... 6.63gms / 20 mm... ref:- Ashton 190 ... and set in a rose-gold bezel...sold

G72 - Roman empire. Caracalla. 198 - 217 ad. silver denarius. Rome mint struck 204  ad. Rex / Victoria...20mm... scarce coin... sold

B79)… Kings of Macedon. Philip II 359-336 bc. Gold stater, Amphipolis mint, struck 340-328 bc. Laureate head of Apollo right / Charioteer driving biga right, reins in left hand, kentron in right + ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ below; trident head right, beneath horses. 8.54gms / 18mm. Very Fine…Ref:- Le Rider 227-351 ; SNG ANS 257-8; HGC 3.1, 847... Almost Extremely Fine... set in a 22 carat gold mount ...POA... A beautiful portrait....sold

V83)…Roman empire. Hadrian. 117-138 ad. Silver denarius, Rome mint,
struck in 126 ad. Rex / Pudicitia (modesty)…17mm…RIC176... set in a rose-gold bezel... sold

P86... Roman Empire. Tiberius as Imperator, 12-14 ad. under Augustus.Ae  copper-bronze As...26mm. Rex / Altar at Lyons(Lugdanum) Ref - Ric 245 ...Lugdanum mint...sold

A good portrait of a rare emperor...a good reverse too :)

G78)… KINGS of MACEDON. temp. Perseus. 179-168 BC. AR Drachm Third Macedonian War issue. Samothrace mint; Gorgos, magistrate. Struck circa 171–168 BC. Head of Helios facing slightly right / Rose with bud to right; ΓOPΓOΣ above, torch to left, P-O flanking stem. Ashton, Clubs, Part 2, 1–37 var. (unlisted dies). Good VF…18mm, 2.81 g, 11h…set in a rose-gold bezel... this is a very scarce coin... $775


A84)… Judaea, Procurators. Pontius Pilate Ӕ Prutah. Struck under Tiberius

in  Jerusalem.  33 ad. Lituus / [Date] within wreath1.65g, 15mm. Good   Fine …. Ref:- Cf. RPC I 4968-9....$300

Not a particularly attractive coin but surely  of  significance  :)

A82)… Moesia. Istros. Silver drachm. 4th century bc. Double head Apollo /
Eagle  over dolphin , ISTRIH  above, A below…5.26gms / 17 mms, Extremely Fine...ref:- SNG BM Black Sea 240....set in a rose-gold bezel...$950

PQ71 - Roman empire. Gordian III. 238-244 ad. silver antoninianus. Rex / Victoria; Rex / Fortuna...23mm... $280

O85)…Corinthia. Corinth, 405-345 BC. Ar silver Stater. Pegasosflying right + Qoppa below / Helmeted head of Athena left; dolphin above, Σ behind. Very Fine... 20mm / 7.80g...ref - Pegasi I pg. 239, 345... set in a rose gold bezel.... beautiful black patina...sold

H68 - Phoenicia - Tyre. silver didrachm. circa 330 bc. Owl with flail and crook / Tyre's god Melquart riding a hippocamp...(8.7gms/ 20mm)...$550

These coins are rarely in better condition than the above. Note the owl is Egyptian rather than  Athens style. This was because in 332 bc, Alexander the Great had violently sacked the city. it took him over 7 months to bring the city down and he was so incensed by the time it took and the number of his men  killed that he slaughtered 8000 of Tyre's inhabitants. Thus, any ties with Greece were entirely severed . A scarce coin.

Cuff-link backs. NB - the bar is flexible at the base for easier usage.

T81)… Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great. Silver Tetradrachm. Tarsos

mint circa 332 bc. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin headdress / Zeus enthroned seated left, holding sceptre and eagle; A below throne, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ

to right. 17.08g, 25mm, 7h…ref: Price 2993....sold

This coin is the first strike of an Alexandrian coin and therefore both scarce and desirable

Y86a…Moesia, Istria, 4th century bc, silver drachm. Double head of Apollo / Eagle over dolphin, bank marks below + right, name above…almost Extremely Fine... sold

U82)… Sassanian Kings of Persia, Khusrau II (590-628). AR Drachm (31mm, 4.13g, 3h)  WYHC (Weh-az-Amid-Kavad). year 37 (AD 627/8) Crowned bust / Fire altar flanked by attendants. Almost Extremely Fine... $280